Surface Repair of Stone

Starts: Monday, 21st May 2018 - 9.30am

Ends: Tuesday, 22nd May 2018 - 4.30pm

Location: Merryhill Training Centre, Fife

About this event

In many cases, simple surface repairs can be less intrusive and a suitable alternative to replacing masonry units with new stone. You will be amazed at the results you will be able to achieve after only two days! This course is designed to ensure successful surface repairs to flat work, angles, corners and moulded details. The decay mechanisms of stone will be discussed and we will consider the factors to that should be taken into account when deciding if a surface repair is a suitable alternative to replacement with new stone.

Learning Outcomes

•    Understand the mechanisms that cause stone decay and the instances where surface repairs are an appropriate alternative to replacement with new stone;
•    Understand the interaction between surface repairs and background material;
•    Ability to execute surface repairs to stone in a variety of materials.
Course Outline
•    Determining repair requirements to decaying stone;
•    Determine a repair strategy considering scaling, salts, case hardening, damage from inappropriate materials and damage from impact;
•    Surface preparation - cutting out decayed material;
•    Fixing anchorages and cramps;
•    Making templates and moulds;
•    Undertaking surface repairs in appropriate materials;
•    Finishing work - tooling methods, matching to surrounding stone, using the correct tools

How to book

To book a place on our Surface Repair of Stone course, please click here, email [email protected]  or call us on 01383 872722.



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