Heritage Skills HUB Gifted to National Heritage Training Group

Dear Heritage Skills HUB Supporter;

This is a very special notice. We would like to inform you that Cathie Clarke is now the General Manager of the National Heritage Training Group (NHTG). The Heritage Skills HUB Board of Directors have unanimously voted to close the Heritage Skills HUB Community Interest Company and gift the website and all intellectual property to the National Heritage Training Group. The website will be re-branded over the next few weeks. In the meantime - please continue to use Cathie's existing contact details.

The Board would like to take this opportunity to thank all those that have supported the Heritage Skills HUB and hope you will continue to support Cathie and the National Heritage Training Group to promote  traditional building skills training across the UK and beyond! OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE follows:

Strengthened NHTG brings exciting changes for Traditional Building Skills!

31st July 2014

Cathie Clarke, formerly CEO of the Heritage Skills HUB, has been appointed as General Manager of the NHTG and will commence this challenging new role at the start of August. An agreement has been reached which will enable the National Heritage Training Group to take over and build on the solid foundations laid by Heritage Skills HUB to enable the co-ordinated development of the extensive skills, expertise and resources of both organisations for the benefit of the historic built environment. The Heritage Skills HUB Community Interest Company will close its doors at the end of July.

To ensure that support to the industry is not hampered during these significant changes, the Heritage Skills HUB Board of Directors have gifted the company website and all Heritage Skills HUB intellectual property to the NHTG. Brad Steele, Chairman of the Heritage Skills HUB said “Heritage Skills HUB started life as a regional project in 2009, supporting the work of the NHTG. We are therefore very pleased that this work will not be lost, but will feed directly back into the NHTG to support the traditional building skills sector on a truly National level. We would like to thank all those involved; Members, supporters and sponsors, for their highly valued past and continued, support”.

Ray Robertson, Chairman of the NHTG said: “It’s not often that two organisations are able to combine resources in such an effective and positive way and the NHTG would like to thank the Heritage Skills HUB for their vision and support. The challenge now for NHTG is to capitalise and build on the foundations laid by HSH in developing the sector. We are very pleased to welcome Cathie to the organisation as General Manager and know that she will hit the ground running. Her enthusiasm and passion are infectious, but we also know that she fully understands the tough issues faced by the sector. Her in-depth knowledge of people, projects and places will be invaluable.”

Central to the future modus operandi of the NHTG will be clear communication and positive dialogue with all stakeholders. The strategic role of the NHTG is to work with specialist federations and others to develop, promote and deliver appropriate training and qualifications. Announcements will soon be made regarding events and meetings that will facilitate discussion, debate and decision-making. “We want everyone to get involved. It is imperative that we allow the industry to speak and be heard” said Cathie Clarke. She added, “But it must also take responsibility. Stakeholders must seize new opportunities to demand skilled craftspeople as well as insisting on appropriate training courses and qualifications. This goes for clients, employers and funders!”

An Information Portal & Training Database will underpin advice and support services offered by the NHTG. Therefore, re-branding and re-launching of the website is a priority for the organisation and also an exciting opportunity to investigate additional services that could be offered. Ray Robertson said “We aim to provide excellent customer service. The NHTG Helpdesk and Online Information Portal will be the place that people visit; first time, every time, when looking for traditional building skills advice and support.”

The long-term objective of the NHTG is that all those working on traditional buildings have the appropriate skills, knowledge and qualifications which are demanded by the client base. Therefore, to support the sustainability of the historic built environment, the NHTG is working towards the creation of a Register of Traditional Craftspeople. An industry necessity, providing a resource of qualified and experienced craftspeople that actively promotes a career in traditional building skills.

Press Release jointly issued by:
Ray Robertson, Chairman, NHTG www.nhtgskills.org.uk
Brad Steele, Chairman, Heritage Skills HUB www.heritageskillshub.org


Notes for editors:

About the Heritage Skills HUB

Heritage Skills HUB-Midlands is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company. Its aim is to expand and develop opportunities for training and education in traditional building skills and conservation in the Midlands. The Heritage Skills HUB addresses regional skills gaps and shortages and promotes appropriate training, education and careers for the existing and potential built heritage sector workforce. It is supported by English Heritage, the National Trust, National Heritage Training Group (NHTG), the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), the Building Limes Forum (BLF), the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) and other heritage and building conservation organisations. It also provides a valuable information portal through its website, www.heritageskillshub.org which is enhanced by a lively social media presence.

Cathie Clarke
CEO Heritage Skills HUB

About the NHTG

The NHTG exists to provide a focal point that enables specialist contractors and others engaged in the heritage sector to identify and address the gaps in practical skills and specialist knowledge which have become evident in the increasing disparity between the existing aging workforce and younger new entrants seeking a long term career.

Our strategic role is to work with specialist federations and others (including mainstream contractors with potential heritage links) to co-ordinate, assist and encourage their efforts in providing or facilitating the appropriate training and to encourage the widespread recognition of achievable qualifications.

Our long term objective is that all those working on traditional buildings have the appropriate skills, knowledge and qualifications, that these are demanded by the client base and that the sector is valued as a worthwhile long term career prospect for all age groups.

Ray Robertson
Chairman, NHTG




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