QEST offers funding to support training in craft skills – Applications open 9 January 2019

QEST (the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust) supports the training and education of talented and aspiring craftspeople through traditional college courses, apprenticeships or one-on-one training with master craftspeople. 

The programme falls into two categories; Scholarships and Apprenticeships.  Since 1990, QEST has awarded almost 500 Scholarships to talented individuals in around 130 craft skills – including thatching, farriery, basket weaving, cordwaining, carpentry and woodworking, bookbinding, stonemasonry, coppersmithing, metalworking; sculpting, textiles, ceramics, leather working, printmaking and many more.  
Scholarship Funding

The QEST Scholarship Scheme supports individuals to further enhance their craft skills through traditional college courses, specialist short courses; or one-on-one training with a Master.  Amounts awarded range from £5,000 to £18,000.
Apprenticeship Funding
QEST also offers financial support to companies who wish to employ an Apprentice, helping to pass on skills to the next generation of craftspeople. Funding - up to £18,000 over a period of 1- 3 years - will typically go towards paying the Apprentice a Living Wage and/or help with training or equipment.  
There are two application periods per year - Spring and Autumn - with funds granted in May and October.  Applications are reviewed by a group of experienced Skills and Industry Advisors – with a rigorous three stage assessment process, culminating in interview.  

The next application period will open on 9 January.  Online submissions only - please visit the website for more info.



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